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The company AFOI H. MARAGKOU O.E. - Elefsinia Plastics - Tinplate of Elefsina, is based in Elefsina Attica and its object is the production & trading of flexible polyethylene packaging products as well as metal tin containers.

Its clientele consists of a wide range of companies of various objects, such as food, cosmetics, waste management, building materials, plastics, soft drinks and petroleum industries.



Maragos Ilias founds Eleusinia Plastics with an initial capital of 100,000 drachmas, building facilities of 500 sq.m. and seven (7) staff members.


The company is experiencing particular prosperity and is modernizing its equipment with own capital and at a rapid pace, occupying a significant share of the market.


Creation of covered storage areas of 900 sq.m. at the company headquarters.


Expansion of storage spaces on NEOAK (Elefsina), 3,400 sq.m. with building facilities of 1,700 sq.m.


Establishment of a Production Unit for Tinplate Products for food packaging (oil, cheese, honey).


The new generation enters the company, and formally at this point, with the children of Maragos Ilias, Thomas, Eftychia and Dimitrios.


Installation of LDPEShrink-Film Production Unit and Stretch-Film Roll Processing.


Installation of a New Polyethylene Very Thin Film Production Unit.


Brand-name creation for the final consumer. New line of household products made of polyethylene. -100% Greek product.

Today it’s about a Greek production company, with many years of experience in the field of packaging.

  • Production of flexible Plastic packaging
  • Production of Tin Metal Containers

We have a wide range of products, of high standards with an emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction.


  • Excellent end-product quality
  • Instant delivery
  • 40 years of expertise and experience in the production and trade sector.
  • Annual Production capacity of 5,000 tons of polyethylene and 4,500 tons of tin.
  • All our items intended for the food industry are produced in accordance with the relevant Community directives of the European Union.
  • The needs of our customers are an inspiration to continue investing in new technology products and to get as close as possible to our vision.


  • Investment in research and development to achieve excellent product quality and the optimization and simplification of individual processes.
  • Continuous upgrade and modernization of technological and mechanical facilities.
  • Responsible and continuous control of products and services so that they meet the increased demands of partners consistently and always at competitive prices.
  • The orientation and philosophy of the company is based on Corporate social responsibility towards people and the environment.
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